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    Our Beloved Pets

    From the moment they become family members, and through the years we share, we dread this day; the day when our pets cross the Rainbow Bridge.

    At PawsInRHearts, we're here to help you get through this devastating loss and celebrate the joy your pet has given you.

    An Animal Chaplain for all occasions-sad, joyous, or simple prayers of gratitude for the

    gift of unconditional love that only our pets can provide.

    The day my precious Oliver crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I was devastated. He was the most beautiful, intelligent, mischievous Weimaraner, just shy of 16 when he passed. No matter how many years I tried to prepare myself for this moment, right up until his last breath, I prayed for a miracle. How would I go on without my beloved boy? How do you cope with this heartache? That's when I decided to become an animal chaplain and pet loss and bereavement counselor

    Photo courtesy of Janet Zimmer Photography

    Animal Chaplains

    Helping humans through the grief and more

    We love our pets so deeply, the thought of living without them is heart wrenching. Knowing that Oliver’s days were numbered, I sought a certification in Pet Bereavement Counselling and subsequently became certified Pet Chaplain (non-denominational interfaith). Not everyone is sympathetic to the deep loss we feel when we lose a beloved pet. "It's only a cat," they may say, and that only adds to your sorrow.  

    What else do animal chaplains do?

    It's all about the animal(s) and the special relationship you have with them. As with chaplains for humans, animal chaplains draw upon universal spiritual principles to help humans celebrate the lives of their beloved pets while the pet is alive and thriving, sick and aging, and sadly, when Hospice and euthanasia are needed.  We perform memorial services, write and read your pet's eulogy, pray for healing, provide comfort when your pet is dying or has passed and, will even hold your hand at your pet's final vet visit.


    Individual/family bereavement counseling

    Pet memorial services and tributes
    Pet Hospice support

    With you for euthanasia
    Your pet's written life story

    New pet selection consultation 
    New pet welcome celebration 

    Compassion fatigue support

    Your unique requests

    Supporting every member of the family

    Dogs, Cats, Birds, Reptiles, other Mammals-They All Matter 

    All consuming grief can make it difficult to cope with life’s daily responsibilities. We seek to bring comfort to humans who are facing or dealing with pet loss.  Every pet, regardless of species, has a soul and is uniquely special to their owners. Celebrating your pet's life journey can help bring closure and a sense of peace. 

    Memorial Services

    Saying Good-Bye

    Like all contracts, our life with our beloved pets have non-negotiable term limits. It’s the deal we make the day they enter our lives and hearts. You can find some comfort and closure with a memorial service or reading.

    Your Pet's Legacy

    In Living, Loving Memory

    Capture your most cherished memories of special moments with your pet.  Their comical antics and most tender memories can be expressed in a memorial service and tribute and then shared with your family and close friends, privately or in the setting of your choice.

    New Pet Celebrations

    New Beginnings

    Is there any greater joy than the love we feel for our pets? Rather than live day to day worrying how we will go on without them, why not celebrate the incredible bond we share as family members?


    To learn more about our support and services, please complete the form below and tell us about your pet(s), your concerns and your needs. Someone will contact you within

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    In Loving Memory

    Oliver Freedman

    February 2002 - January 2018

    Spartacus Dwyer

    February 2003 - March 2018

    Luke Birckhead

    June 2002 - August 2015

    Angus Levin Freedman
    April 1997- August 2015

    January 2003 - March 2018

    Dorothy Marie Henry 
    January 2003- March 2018